MAARDI is an award winning (‘KrushiBhushan’) institute involved in training of farmers and research in organic farming.

We also conduct courses for young diploma/degree holders who wish to take up farming as a profession. MAARDI aims at making Agriculture a profitable business option.

MAARDI’s expertise lies in the fact that our trainees get an opportunity to work in field along with high standard classroom education.

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Courses we offer

Leadership Programme in
Agriculture and Agri-business

The objective of this Programme is to develop leaders in the Agri-business world. The participants undergo extensive training on all aspects of organic farming from sowing to post-harvest activities. Upon completion of the programme, they will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills and in-depth knowledge of the market.

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Certificate Course in
Farm Management

This course is specially designed for those who have some experience in agriculture and wish to develop their skills to be competent Farm Managers and meet the challenge of undertaking cost-effective and profitable farming.
This course is recommended for those who want to obtain the best training in farm management.

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Our research

MAARDI provides support to those who wish to undertake research in organic farming with respect to bio-diversity, a particular crop or new technology. Those interested are welcome to submit their proposal which will be assessed by a Committee. Once accepted, the required land and support will be provided by MAARDI including lodging and canteen facilities.