Infrastructure and Facilities

MAARDI is situated at Manas Krushi Farm where the training is conducted. The practical sessions are held on the farm itself along with residential and canteen facilities. Manas has developed its infrastructure taking into consideration the requirements of demonstrating effectiveness of organic farming. For this purpose, Manas has built a research laboratory, demonstration units for bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides including vermi-compost. There is constant supply of water and power available.

Farmers’ Workshop in session at MAARDI’s training centre
Demonstration huts for preparation of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides
Residential facility for trainees
Preparation of field for sowing the next crop
A breathtaking view of the farm; Sonchafa (Champaka) plantation in the foreground
The perennial river Bhatsa flowing around the Manas Krushi Farm (where MAARDI is located)
A glimpse of Coconut plantation at Manas Krushi Farm